Dear Players

Welcome to The Sundridge Park Club.

We’re glad to have you on board in this pioneering activity.

Padel is fast becoming a trendy sport in the UK and, thanks to its outstanding growth worldwide, it will soon become one of the most popular sports in this country.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure you are fully aware before making bookings.



No cancellations are allowed within the last 48h before your booking, coaching session, Social Padel, or any other event.

Weather Conditions:

Please, contact the Club beforehand since it will be the Club and only the Club the one that decides whether the courts are under playable conditions or not.



If a refund is to be done, the Cub will refund your payment on your Balance. No cash or no bank transfer will be made to refund your payment.


Padel Bats Hire

Please check your bat is in perfect condition before exiting the Clubhouse.

You need to pay the bat hire fee beforehand and leave a current credit card as a deposit.

If you break the bat because of hitting something different to a ball, you´ll be charged £30.


Failing to attend

If you can’t attend one of your matches or bookings, you should find someone to take your place.

If you fail to do so, the price of the whole booking/match will be charged to you and refunded to the rest of the players.



Level Rate

You don´t need a level rate to book a court and have fun with your friends or family.

However, the system needs you to have a level rate (even 1.00) to automatically access some activities such as Social Padel, Coaching Sessions, or Open Matches.

You need to contact our Padel Head Coach (Jonas) to get your correct level rate but the system will automatically assign you a beginner level of 1.5.

Understanding that this level rate is not excluding you from any activity in the first instance is essential. The system may not let you book some activities because your level rate might be outside the range of said session. However, if you contact our Head Coach (Jonas) he might book you manually if he considers you suitable for the session you request.

You can try to upgrade your level rate by playing Open Matches. However, you can also lower your level rate if you lose your match.

Challenge yourself and challenge your friends!!


Club Open Matches

If you join one of our Open Matches, you must follow these rules:

  • The match will be played to the best of three tie-break sets.
  • A result must be inputted into the system.
  • The player with the highest level rate must pair with the lowest rated player.

If any of these rules are not adhered to, the level rate of the four players might be decreased by 0.50 points.







  • Please notice the difference between a booking and an Open Match.
    • A Booking no needs four players. Only one player is enough.
    • An Open Match needs four players.
    • Bookings and Open Matches split the payment into four shares.
    • If only one player booked a Booking, the system will apply a non-members rate to the reminding three shares.
    • An Open Match gives you the option to input a match result. A Booking doesn´t.


  • In your app section Book/View/Share Open Matches, you can:
    • Find the available Open Matches, but only those where your level rate fits.
    • Set up an Open Match
    • Check the Open Matches you are included.


  • Save time with the feature Chat on your Open Match. It works as a WhatsApp group.
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