To add other people to play with so they can pay for their share of the court, you can find them in the friends section of the app. 

Add friends so you can find people you play with on a regular basis more quickly or open your match up to anyone at the Club of a similar level to you.

You can also send messages to friends directly via the app! 


Don't have any equipment for Padel?

Don't worry we have all the equipment you need for hire/purchase at the Club!

Padel rackets - £2 per racket to hire

Balls - £3 per tube to purchase


Here you are our Padel Time Table for the upcoming Coaching Sessions and Club Play Sessions.

We recommend you book your space for each session as soon as possible and don't leave it for the last minute since the court bookings for the sessions will be released at least 24h before the session if the number of players booked is not enough.

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