Dear Players,


Welcome to The Sundridge Park Club. We are glad to have you on board in this pioneering activity. 


Padel is fast becoming a popular sport in the UK and, thanks to its outstanding growth worldwide, it will soon become one of the most dominant sports in this country.


Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure you are fully aware before making a booking.



Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to your court booking, coaching session, Social Padel, or any other event.


Weather Conditions

Please contact the Club beforehand to establish whether the courts are under playable conditions. If it is determined the booking cannot be fulfilled due to adverse weather, a credit will be refunded to your account balance.



Any requests for refunds must be made at least 48 hours prior to any booking. If a refund is to be provided, the club will credit your account balance. No cash or bank transfer will be made to refund your payment.


Padel Bat Hire

The bat hire fee must be paid prior to your game and a current credit card provided to secure the booking. 

If the bat is significantly damaged during your game, a £30 charge will be applied. 

Please check your bat is in good condition before returning it the Clubhouse.


Failing to Attend


Matches & Bookings

If you are unable to attend one of your matches or bookings and have less than 48 hours remaining, please endeavour to find a replacement.

If you fail to find a replacement, the price of the whole booking/match will be charged to you and refunded to the rest of the players.


Social Padel

If you fail to attend Social Padel once booked and do not find a replacement, this could lead to a 15 day ban from participating in this activity.


Coaching Sessions

If you fail to attend a coaching session, this will not entail a penalty however the payment will not be refunded.


Level Rate

A level rate is not required to book a court and have fun with your friends or family.

However, the booking system requires a level rate to automatically access some activities such as Social Padel, Coaching Sessions, or Open Matches.

Please contact our Head Padel Coach (Jonás) to have your correct level rate assigned. Initially the booking system will automatically assign you a beginner level of 1.5.

The assigned level rate may prevent you from booking certain activities if it is outside the range of said session, however manual bookings can be made by the Head Padel Coach if he considers you suitable for the activity.


Your level rate can can be increased by winning Open Matches, however you can also lower your level rate if you lose your match.

Challenge yourself and challenge your friends!!


Club Open Matches

If you join one of our Open Matches the following rules must be followed:

  • The match will be played to the best of three tie-break sets. 
  • A result must be inputted into the booking system.
  • The player with the highest level rate must pair with the player with the lowest level rate.

If any of these rules are not adhered to, the level rate of the four players could be decreased by 0.50 points.




Please be aware of the difference between a Booking and an Open Match.


  • Booking does not require four players. A minimum of 1 player is sufficient.
  • An Open Match requires four players to join.
  • Bookings and Open Matches split the payment automatically by the number of players. 
  • If only one player makes a Booking, the system will apply a non-members rate to the remaining three shares.
  • An Open Match gives you the option to input a match result, however a Booking does not.

Within the booking app the section 'Book/View/Share Open Matches' can be used to:

  • Find the available Open Matches, but only those where your level rate fits.
  • Set up an Open Match
  • Check the Open Matches you are included in. 

The Chat feature on your Open Match enables you to talk with the other participants (similar to a WhatsApp group).


If you have any queries around these Terms and Conditions please feel free to enquire at the Clubhouse. 



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