Sundridge Padel Championships

Dear Member,

It's time for Sundridge Park’s first summer padel championship, which will feature friendly, enjoyable competition and be open to all of our Padel club members. The championship features four draws: men's, women's, mixed, and improvers.

Finals day is the highlight of the summer, so don't delay and get your entries in today. The closing deadline for entries is strictly Friday 9th June at 6 p.m and the Finals day is on Saturday 16th September.

If you wish to participate in the championship please send an email to or a whatsapp message to tournament organiser Tam on 07788 494142

Please ensure you detail the following:

  1. The event(s) you wish to enter
  2. Your partner or if you require help finding a partner
  3. Yours and your partner’s contact number

This tournament is for fully paid Padel members only, with no additional charge to enter the draws. If you need a partner, let us know, and we will try to find someone for you.

Instructions of the championship rules are below.

We look forward to receiving your entries!

Kind Regards

Tamer Michael (For any queries contact 07788 494142)

Tournament Organiser


Tournament Rules and Information:

It's time for the inaugural summer padel championship, which is open to all of our club members and will feature friendly, entertaining competition. There are four draws in the championship: men's, women's, mixed, and improvers.

If you wish to participate in the championship please send an email to or a whatsapp message to Tam on 07788494142

A player may register for a maximum of three draws, but on Finals Day, they may only participate in two games. Finals must be played on that day; they cannot be postponed for players' convenience.

Players who become aware that they will not be able to compete in further rounds of an event should withdraw from the competition not later than at match point (to their advantage) in the previous round. Don’t forget that players can only compete in two finals!

Please play games by the deadlines; otherwise, both players or couples risk being disqualified.

This tournament is for fully paid Padel members only, with no additional charge to enter.

A printed copy of the draws will be available in the clubhouse, and the link to the online draw will be published on the club's Padel WhatsApp main group.

The round deadlines can be found on the main overview page and on the right of each match each round eg 1st round by 10/06, 2nd round by 15/06 etc

The match winner is responsible for submitting the result to Tamer Michael via WhatsApp on 07788494142 within 24 hours of the match being completed.

Conduct of Matches

  • The Finals day is on Saturday 16th September.
  • The deadline for the completion of each round is marked on the printed sheets in the clubhouse and on the shared link.
  • Format: all matches (including Finals) are the best of three sets.  The first two sets are tie-break sets and the third set, if required, will be a championship tie-break (first to 10 points with 2 clear points).
  • Men, Women and Mixed draws are open for all club players to participate.
  • Improvers draw is an open draw for all players rated less than 3.0 on the club Padel app only. Open draw means mixed teams are allowed.
  • Players can enter with their teammates, or contact the organisers to find a pair for you.
  • Opponents should contact each other at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that matches are played within the allotted time. Those initiating contact will have the right to claim the match if they offer their opponents 3 reasonable times for play, none of which are accepted, and an alternative mutually convenient date cannot be found. The tournament organisers will scratch players who delay subsequent rounds.





Dear Players,





Since the 1st November 2021, our Club is following the 1 to 7 level system, which is in place in the majority of the clubs around the world.


According to that system, this is how we currently sort out our activities:




Beginners: Level 1.00 to 2.50

Pre-Intermediate: Level 2.00 to 3.50

Intermediate: Level 3.00 to 4.50

Upper-Intermediate: Level 4.00 to 5.00

Advanced: Level 4.75 to 7.00

Competition: Level 5.50 to 7.00




Club Play Session 3: This is a session for players between levels 2.00 and 5.50

Club Play Session 2: This is a session for players between levels 4.00  and 6.00

Club Play Session 1: This is a session for players between levels 5.00 to 7.00


If you want to increase your level, you should play open matches.

It is essential to respect those levels and change them only by playing. In other ways, the level system will become useless.


To help you all get to grips with our new app for Padel, we have written a quick user guide on all the basic features.

To make the most of the app, make sure you have added friends so you can organise matches quickly with people you like to play with and don't forget if you are not a member yet - give us a call on 0208 4649106 to organise membership so you can take advantage of the earlier booking rights and cheaper pricing on courts and coaching.



Start booking your court from next week using our new Matchpoint App system!


To add other people to play with so they can pay for their share of the court, you can find them in the friends section of the app. 

Add friends so you can find people you play with on a regular basis more quickly or open your match up to anyone at the Club of a similar level to you.

You can also send messages to friends directly via the app! 


Don't have any equipment for Padel?

Don't worry we have all the equipment you need for hire/purchase at the Club!

Padel rackets - £2 per racket to hire

Balls - £3 per tube to purchase

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